Student Testimonials


Hi, my name is Kigi and I completed Becoming YU for the first time in my 2nd year while I worked as a Peer Mentor Leader with Vanier College. My Becoming YU experience was in one word, enlightening. My experience with the program first of all gave me insight and clarity on the importance of setting goals, but not just that, setting realistic and attainable goals that won't overwhelm you to the point where you're unable to achieve even the smallest of them. I had amazing supervisors who supported me in discovering qualities in myself that I wasn't even aware of at the start of the program, and that for me, was the highlight. I became more confident in communication and developed strong leadership skills. I grew in empathy, and in my ability to show support to others. I also saw that both my academic and professional work ethic improved greatly. I learned to strive for excellence instead of perfectionism, and that has helped me in balancing all aspects of my life.

- Kigi Charles-Ambaiowei

My experience with Becoming YU was a good learning experience of my own skills. The main thing that I learnt through this whole program was the power of setting/visualising goals and with the help of my supervisor, I was able to set tangible goals with steps to follow over time. Even though I wasn’t working actively on those goals everyday, every check in that I had, I saw improvement in those skills/goals. What I liked about the becoming YU program is that this approach could help everyone, no matter which department they were working in.

- Asmeet Bharaj

Participating in the Becoming YU program has allowed me to develop the skills and confidence to excel academically and professionally. Becoming YU has even broadened my social network and helped me become more involved and give back to my local community.

- Victoria Hanna

Becoming YU has been a key success factor in fostering my personal and professional growth. The atmosphere has always been welcoming and the staff I was able to work alongside are some of the most dedicated and wonderful people I have had the privilege of meeting. The program pushed me to further develop my professionalism, cultural humility, communication skills, time management skills, and other administrative skills.

- Sidra Saeed

Throughout my last two years of being a work/study student at York University in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, the Becoming YU program has helped me identify certain skills that I need to improve upon, both professionally and personally. Without the Becoming YU program, I wouldn’t have had the chance to improve upon these skills that which have in turn helped me achieve my personal, academic, and professional goals. Becoming YU gives student the opportunity to hone and practice skills that will help them excel in their future!

- Shakila Joudaki