Becoming YU End of Year Celebration 2023

The Career Centre celebrated the end of another successful year of Becoming YU on March 29, during the Becoming YU & Work/Study End of Year Celebration. The event was a wonderful opportunity to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Becoming YU coaches and students.

During the event, awards were presented to five outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to their respective areas.

Althea Parala and Giancarlo Onorati from LA&PS were named Coaches of the Year (nominated by their Work/Study students), recognizing their exceptional support and guidance to students throughout the academic year.

Atena Shahsavani was awarded Student-Coach of the Year for having a positive impact on their students with their outstanding support and guidance.

Eleseo Hernandez and Shania Mendes were both awarded Work/Study Students of the Year for their impressive work and contributions to their teams/departments.

The event included a panel of two employers and two York alumni where they highlighted the importance of transferable skills in searching for and successfully landing a job. It was also an opportunity for students and staff to come together and celebrate the effort, commitment and accomplishments of the past year. Celebrations were also held at the Glendon Becoming YU Work/Study Recognition Event on April 4, to celebrate the work of the campus' Work/Study students and coaches as well.

Becoming YU and the Career Centre would like to extend their congratulations to all the winners for their well-deserved awards. We would also like to thank everyone who attended and helped make the Becoming YU & Work/Study End of Year Celebration a success!


Jack Onorati receiving his award for Becoming YU Coach of the Year

Althea Parala receiving the Becoming YU Coach of the Year award.


Shania Mendes receiving her award for Becoming YU Student of the Year

Eleseo Hernandez receiving the Becoming YU Student of the Year.


Atena Shahsvani receiving her award for Becoming YU Student-Coach of the Year

Students and Coaches at the Becoming YU End of Year Celebration at the Glendon Campus.