Your Plan for Success

Becoming YU provides students with a framework to set meaningful goals and identify the skills they want to develop to achieve those goals (Understanding YU).  Becoming YU also provides them with tools to reflect on and track their progress, so that they recognize the value of their experiences and have greater clarity about their leadership and career goals (Experiencing YU) and can articulate their accomplishments and skills with confidence (Expressing YU)!

While Becoming YU is designed to be self-driven in which students define an action plan which they work toward by gaining experiences and building key competencies throughout their time at York, the key to success is reflection – taking the time to make meaning of their experiences and skills development.  Therefore we encourage students to check-in regularly with a supervisor, mentor or coach to keep up the momentum and encourage accountability.

Cyclical Process Diagram for Becoming YU


  • Become more confident in your leadership capacity using intuitive online reflection tools and an action plan
  • Prepare for a rich and meaningful career as early as your first year at York using our three stages to Becoming YU



  • Enhance student staff engagement, competence, and productivity
  • Act as a catalyst for your student staff's career and leadership development by supporting them in making meaning of their work experiences
  • Develop transformational coaching, advising, and supervisory skills to bring out the most in yourself and others
  • Be a part of a coach's network designed to share best practices and stimulate innovative approaches to working with student staff